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Life in a pandemic #5: Fatigue comes in waves

I can’t lie. This week, I am feeling the grind. And I know that I am not the only one. No matter who I talk to, everyone is feeling some form of corona fatigue. Paired with winter fatigue, it can feel like a inexplicable weight.

I have been privileged in not being directly affected by the virus or its aftermath just yet. Plans needed to be canceled. Public authorities and insurances were not overflooded and not working properly. A couple of my friends and family have had symptoms and/or been diagnosed, but all with mild versions. And that was the worst of it. So not terrible from a personal standpoint.

Nevertheless, having to stay reasonable and limiting ourselves and putting our lifes on hold is taking its toll on me. Most of the time, I manage to focus on the positive and am grateful to be able to count my many blessings. But this week, I can’t fight the feelings of frustration and fatigue that I am experiencing. They are not to be reasoned with. For better or worse, that is not how feelings work.

I feel like I am in a slump. I am feeling low and aggrevated. Work, even though still slow, is not making it better. Wednesday’s emotional roller coaster due to the storming of the U.S. capitol only made it worse. I secretly long for a way of escaping life for a little bit. A little break from the madness of the last year. Time to refuel and breath a little lighter. A month of just doing nothing and not having to worry about anything. What a dream!

And while writing this, Avicii pops into my head. So yeah, in a perfect world, I would like to call also and be woken when we are (closer) back to normal. Until then, in this imperfect world, I will ride this wave out and wait for those easier days that are sure to come. I just hope that they come sooner than later.

How about you?
Are you experiencing corona fatigue?

Cover picture was taken on the Highline in Manhattan, New York (USA) in Feb 2020

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12 thoughts on “Life in a pandemic #5: Fatigue comes in waves

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  1. I’m feeling the fatigue too. Even though I live in NYC, I also realized I’m homesick for it, if that makes any sense. Was watching a movie the other day (I can’t even remember what movie it was, but it was set in NYC) and it made me miss the days when we could go out and be with people, mask-less, not worried about killing each other or making each other sick by simply breathing the same air. But there’s always hope…

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  2. I felt the fatigue this past week at work; I just happened to get difficult clients back-to-back, so it took a toll on me. I’ve been doing my best not to go on social media as much, as many of my peers have posted about the White House fiasco (which I honestly have no time or energy for). It’s important to be self-aware of things that are upsetting you; I think you’ve done a good job of realizing it, and I hope you take measures to alleviate it. Be kind to yourself, and know that this is all temporary!

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  3. Hang in there poor Ann-Kathrin. We’ve all been there, incapable of being reasoned or focusing on the positive…. It is a dreadful time and all we can do is take one day at a time, get by, then do it again the next day.
    Try to remember you’re living in your dream city precisely during a historical moment… You’ll be able to brag for years that YOU WERE THERE! You survived the Coronavirus in NYC where it was so awful!
    Amaze us with little chronicles from your area because after all, you’re living in one of the most exciting city in the world.
    I’m sure you’ll manage to ride the wave out. Remember you’re not alone. Have a lovely Monday 🥰

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  4. Yes, I agree. We’re all feeling the fatigue. It’s good that you’re sharing your feelings and not keeping them bottled up inside. Give yourself permission to take a break sometimes, especially from social media. I removed the Twitter app from my phone; it was getting to be too noisy for me. Stay safe! 💕

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