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Reblog: We Need to Talk About COVID-19. Now.

I stumbled across this beautifully and important blog post by Alyssa at road4080. I feel her frustration and she is hitting a nerve with me, too. Personally, I also rather take some precautions and limit myself now. Unfortunately, not everyone believes that and we have the numbers to show for it. When the pandemic first started to pick up speed, I thought that we would be out of it in 1-2 months. What wishful thinking! The fact that cases are surging again now is concerning. Especially since this might have been preventable if we as a society and community only had been a little bit more mindful over the last couple of months. Let’s hope that we turn this around.

Please take the time and read Alyssa’s post and leave some comments.

Hi, everyone, All of us are being impacted by COVID-19 in some way. Certainly some are being impacted more than others. But lately it has gotten worse where I live, and a lot of people (such as church leaders, family members, and politicians) are becoming increasingly defiant. It scares me, […]

We Need to Talk About COVID-19. Now.

Photo cottonbro from Pexels


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