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Travel Favorites: Treasures on every street (Historic Sites)

One of my favorite travel destinations for historic sites is Italy. The country is plastered with historic building and ruins from every time period since the antiquity. I love wandering through its cities and admire remnants of Ancient Rome or the Italian renaissance.

Travel Favorites: Feeling like royalty (Service)

From the moment we got there, we were treated and pampered at every step of the way. Starting with complementary welcome massages, every room and corridor smelling of fresh flowers, delicious food, great drinks, lovely and approachable staff that seemed to anticipate your every need.

Thoughts: And I held my breath

How did get this far? How did the conspiracy theories and lies take the upper hand and get people who claim to be patriots and love this country decide to attack it’s democratic foundation? Things should never have gotten this far.

Life in a pandemic #5: Fatigue comes in waves

I can’t lie. This week, I am feeling the grind. And I know that I am not the only one. No matter who I talk to, everyone is feeling some form of corona fatigue. Paired with winter fatigue, it can feel like a inexplicable weight.

Travel Favorites: Prepare for impact (Most fascinating)

I was aware that India would be very different from I had encountered before. I was theoretically prepared for the stark contrasts and ready to embrace the expected culture shock. But all my years of research and love from afar did not prepare me for the actual impact it had on me.

Travel Favorites: To my stomach’s content (Food)

When it comes to food, my favorite travel destination is definitely Thailand. Specifically for its street food. I was blown away by the diversity and flavor pallets that you get to encounter all across the country.

Through other’s eyes: I have faith

Through reflecting on and questioning my believes and values, I figured out a couple of years ago that even though I am not religious or affiliated with any church, I believe and enjoy spirituality. This is most noticeable whenever I enter a place of worship, not matter what dominion.

Christmas past 2019: Family in town

In December, my parents, my baby sister, my younger brother and his girlfriend decided to join us in New York for the holidays. It honestly meant a lot to have them in our new home town and have the people that mean so much to me get to spend time together.

Christmas past 2018: Reunion and pain management

We were lucky enough that by the end of the year I still had a good portion of vacation days left over. Paired with German national holidays and weekends, I was able to join him in New York for a little over 3 weeks throughout December which was a big luxury.

Christmas past 2017: Our first roller-coaster

Our first Christmas together was a roller-coaster. We were living in Hamburg (Germany) at the time and had made plans to spend Christmas eve with my younger siblings and their significant others at our family home on the outskirts of Berlin.


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