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Food adventures: KENKA (Manhattan, NY)

One lucky food finds that we encountered in New York is KENKA, a Japanese restaurant located in Little Korea Town. My significant other and I were hosting friends from Germany last December. We had spent the day exploring Manhattan. By evening, we were ready to eat and had made our way over to St Marks Pl. Personally, I like the atmosphere and the selection of great affordable Asian restaurants and dessert spots. You can’t really go wrong. On that evening, we ended up in one of the souterrain restaurants.

25 St Marks Pl
New York, NY 10003, United States
+1 212-254-6363

Disclaimer: This is not necessarily a family friendly restaurant. At first glance, you feel like you have been transported to Japan. But at some point you register the decorum: The walls are decorated with Asian pornography and there is even a BDSM display towards the back. So use caution of who to bring here.

Luckily, my friends found this hilarious, I was the only one that was slightly uncomfortable. But the food made more than up for it. Each dish we ordered was packed with flavor and well balanced in their components. I especially appreciated my hot beef udon soup. With that in mind, I hope to hear back and try more of their menu once the pandemic fully allows for it 🤞

Highlight for your inner child: On your way out you are provided with sugar to make your very own cotton candy. Don’t miss out 😋🍡


2 thoughts on “Food adventures: KENKA (Manhattan, NY)

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  1. A NSFW restaurant, eh? The concept of designing the place with Asian pornography is a bold one, but I guess as long as the food is up-to-par, then I guess that could be overlooked haha. I’m enjoying your food adventures, and I can’t wait for more!

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