Thoughts: And I held my breath

Last week Wednesday was an emotional roller coaster. In the early afternoon, the U.S. capitol was stormed by rioters who wanted to forcefully stop the democratic proceedings. Windows were shattered, the capitol was put on lockdown, representatives and government employees were asked to shelter in place, tear gas was used, shots were fired, the building was evacuated… The authorities on sight were largely outnumbered and reinforcement arrived hours later than expected. The situation seemed to be escalating with no immediate end in sight.

My partner and I were glued to the news as the events unfolded. Shock, anxiety, sadness, frustration and anger were all walking hand in hand that day. This was something that neither of us could have imagined up to that point. It felt crazy!

How did get this far? How did the conspiracy theories and lies take the upper hand and get people who claim to be patriots and love this country decide to attack it’s democratic foundation? Things should never have gotten this far.

I hope that the country and its people draw some positive lessons from the unthinkable and find a way to move closer together again. This is one nation. Democracy lies at the core of this country. We are not each others’ enemies. Compromises are possible. We need to learn to listen to each other again and work together.

Cover picture was taken in Washington, D.C. (USA) in Nov 2017

4 thoughts on “Thoughts: And I held my breath

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  1. Well said – it was a very sad day indeed. Sad in it’s predictability too! It’s not long now. The tide will turn. It always does. Wishing you well – AP2 🙏

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  2. I honestly was not very surprised at the violence that ensued at the White House. Given that tensions have been rising before Trump was even elected, the actions that happened go to show just how polarized the US is, enough to create extremists who would go to great lengths to trash the White House in anarchic rage. It is distressing, and I do hope that the public officials are okay. But I also figure that, after this is all said and done, we can hopefully usher in Biden as Inauguration Day is quickly approaching, to turn over a new leaf and work to better the country in the next few years.

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  3. Sitting here in UK lockdown watching those events unfold was truly shocking and one of those rare events which was difficult to believe was really happening. From afar, we get the daunting feeling that it’s not over yet, too. We hope we are wrong in that. Stay safe in every way and hope that we’ll all soon be planning our next travel adventures.

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