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Food adventures: Sushi Lô (Hamburg, Germany)

If you happen to be in Hamburg and are looking for good sushi, I would recommend Sushi Lô in Rotherbaum near U Hallerstraße.

Sushi Lô
Rothenbaumchaussee 105
20148 Hamburg, Germany
+49 40 41498804

Personally, I love sushi, I will have it any day. My appreciation for sushi went so far that two friends and myself had a bi-weekly sushi lunch date. We would alternate between three different spots that we liked for different reasons (price, quality and sweet-spot) close to our office and enjoy ourselves (I miss those days!).

On one summer evening, one of those friends and I were taking a long walk, talking about life and work, just enjoying each others company and laughing at our own jokes. Along that walk we made the chance discovery of Sushi Lô. And honestly, this was such a nice find. The quality and taste is great, the prices are decent (especially considering the portion sizes) and it is overall a lovely dinner spot. We came back a couple of times and were never disappointed.

Now that I think about it… I am actually craving it… Dang! I guess I will have to order some sushi now… 🍣🍤🥢


12 thoughts on “Food adventures: Sushi Lô (Hamburg, Germany)

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    1. It’s not a deliberate choice, it just so happens 😂 Since I live in New York, I don’t consider it travel, so New York has not popped up as a prompt for that many posts yet. Maybe in the future. For now, I like to write about travel memories that give me a little escape from the current reality of life in a pandemic.

      Regardless, I wrote a short series of posts about New York working culture, in case you are interested

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  1. I’m usually suspicious of getting sushi in countries I travel to (aside from Japan), because of the quality of the fish. But I’ve surprisingly gotten good ones in France and Taiwan (and in my hometown of Los Angeles, with a large Japanese community)! The one in Hamburg looks good; I’d be sure to dip it generously in soy sauce and wasabi!

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    1. I’ve heard that before, but to be honest, I have never had bad sushi or gotten sick after I ate sushi anywhere across the world. I think food standards have become very high 😇


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