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Travel: Why I travel

There are countless things that I love about traveling. Here are the main reasons for me personally.

Indulging my curiosity

I have always had a million questions about everything. First and foremost about people, culture and history. When I travel, I get to follow these questions as they appear, dive in as much as I would like, and soak up all of the (new) information and insights like a sponge.

Getting lost in new experiences

I love getting lost in new experiences, and this hardly ever comes as easily as during travel. Walking down some alley way in old town, driving down a winding country road, witnessing some cultural phenomenon, finding something beautiful at a market… I can’t get enough of it and tend to find peace and happiness in the corresponding sensation.

Getting lost in time and space

When it comes to new experiences, I tend to get lost in time and space. Since travel is most often related to vacation and/or leisure, everyday obligations and pressure can finally take a back seat without any guilt. Everything that is not happening in that exact moment can (and maybe even has to) wait. This gives me a deep sense of freedom and lightness that I have a harder time generating in everyday life.

Time for self-reflection

Like a lot of people, every day life tends to chase me around and keep me on my (mental) feet. Work, chores, commitments… the list oftentimes seems endless and never done. During travel, there is finally time to drown all these things out. And especially when I travel by myself, there are no more distractions to keep me from checking in with myself: Who am I currently? Who do I want to be? Which of my needs and feelings have I been ignoring lately? I have learned something new about myself during every single trip that I have taken. Some were hard truths. But it’s always been healing and fulfilling.

Learning about the world & humanity

Last but not least, travel has been essential for me to learn about the world and humanity. It nudges me to broaden my horizon, change my perspective, put the puzzle pieces together and put myself in other people’s shoes. Usually it teaches me (over and over again) that humans across the world have more in common than some forces might have you believe. Every time I travel, I am lead to believe that there is more good than evil in the world and that sometimes communities would benefit from reaching out a hand to each other instead of being suspicious or conspiring against each other.

How about you?
Why do you like to travel?

Cover picture taken in Hoi An (Vietnam) in Aug 2017


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