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Reblog: Home Coming

This was originally posted in October, but DanVenture Travels‘ post about having to be away from home struck a cord with me and allowed for a change in perspective relating to COVID-19. A lot of people (including me) have been kept from visiting their loved ones or even returning home due to travel restrictions. And it might be small price to pay to keep the pandemic in check, but it can be a burden nonetheless.

Please take the time and read Dan’s post and leave some love and comments.

The last time I left South Africa, I had planned to return 19 days later. Then Covid-19 happened. 19 days turned into 233 days. I feel silly because that is only about 7.5 months & I know that people have been away from home for longer, but it was the longest I was away for. […]

Home Coming — DanVenture Travels

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