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Life in a pandemic #4: Where do we go from here?

I am one of the lucky ones. Both my partner’s and my job can be done remotely and we were not faced with furloughs, termination, reduced hours or income loss. My family across Germany and the USA has for the most part been spared by the virus or only had mild symptoms.

Still, I am staying cautious. After all, this is not over. I still limit my social interactions to a total of 4 people outside of my household, wash my hands regularly and thoroughly, wear a mask when I leave the house and mainly go out only for necessities or to catch some fresh air.

I am hoping for the world to be able to get past this pandemic. Hopefully the vaccine will help with that. I am longing for some form of normal. Not having to worry about catching this disease. Being able to see and hug our family and friends. Being able live a regular life again. Borders and the world opening again. Putting our big and small life plans back into motion and being excited about what’s to come… That’s what I hope for.

This year has been a grind for all of us. The ups and downs in short succession can feel like the ocean is tossing us all over the place. There is no real fighting the waves, and we have to ride them out. Even though it’s hard, the only thing is to wait for the hard moments to pass, making the best out of the current situation (even though easier said than done) and to hope for what’s to come. Here is to the next chapter 🥂

How about you?
How have you been living through the pandemic?

Cover picture was taken in Brooklyn, New York (USA) in Jul 2020

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2 thoughts on “Life in a pandemic #4: Where do we go from here?

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  1. Hi Ann-Kathrin
    It’s been a very hard year for so many people and sounds like you’ve been coping very well.
    Here in Perth WA I would say it hasn’t touched this part of the world hardly at all. Because our borders were slammed shut at the beginning we have been able to move around freely.
    I had my 88 and 87 year old parents here for five months from the UK but they left eventually and now are in total lockdown.
    Hoping for a better 2021
    Merry Christmas to you and yours

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