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Life in a pandemic #3: Did I catch it?

On a Wednesday in May, I suddenly had trouble breathing and my heart kept racing. Additionally, my throat was scratchy and I lost my sense of smell and taste. I felt super fatigued and I had a hard time formulating clear thoughts and concentrating.

Reblog: Home Coming

This was originally posted in October, but DanVenture Travels post about having to be away from home struck a cord with me and allowed for a change in perspective relating to COVID-19. A lot of people (including me) have been kept from visiting their loved ones or even returning home due to travel restrictions. And it might be small price to pay to keep the pandemic in check, but it can be a burden nonetheless.

Reblog: We Need to Talk About COVID-19. Now.

I stumbled across this beautifully and important blog post by Alyssa at road4080. I feel her frustration and she is hitting a nerve with me, too. Personally, I also rather take some precautions and limit myself now. Unfortunately, not everyone believes that and we have the numbers to show for it.

Mindfulness: Focus on the present

Sometimes it's hard to be present. We think about the past and dream about the future. We get lost in previous hurt and misunderstanding and get carried away by worries and fears about what might happen. You can pull yourself back to the here and now and realize all the blessings that you have been... Continue Reading →

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